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Trend & Cycles Direction

TCD trading system is based on fuzzy logic and neural network algorithms. Currently it's one of the best our systems.Trend & Cycles Direction analytical package is a mechanical trading system developed for fast and effective analysis of various markets. TCD package is built using modern methods of time-series analysis such as fractal, correlated, Wavelet and MESA. Fuzzy Logic technology allows not only to improve expert effectiveness but to predict success probability for all system signals. That's possible because we use gradation of signals by importance instead of binary "Yes/No" ("1/0").High reability and unique performance makes TCD a perfect solution for users who seek powerful mechanisms of analysis.

механическая торговая система High reliability and unique performance allow TCD to be perfect instrument for users who seek powerful mechanisms of analysis. TCD system, based on MESA method gives You great advantage in compare with Your competitors who use classic technical analysis

TCD system conception

It is impossible to make right decision without great variety of indicators and necessary information, which is usually presented in a numeric form. And that data also requires filtration, selection and other preprocessing procedures. That is why it's very difficult to analyse these indicators and to make right decisions. And that is why TCD system was created which algorythm is based on the coincidence of trends and cycles, which is detected using fuzzy logic algorythms. TCD package consists of the following indicators: Equity, EquityOsc, SpreadRecovery. One of greatest TCD features is that you don't have to analyze many indicators. All you have to do is to open expert advisor and to look at the chart. Expert gives you instructions when to buy/sell or close positions and where to place stop levels. There is no need to analyse combinations of system indicators, TCD will do that for you. Read more.....

TCD main features:

  • Trend & Cycles Directionsystem is developed for Forex , CFD , Stocks , Futures
  • 4 exact signals for Long and for Short positions
  • Possibility to tune system on any market. By default package is tuned to work with forex. But if you want to use it to trade using different instrument - then our specialists can tune it according to your requirements.
  • System works succesfully on Intraday / Day trading
  • Trading with maximal risk in direction of Dominant Cycle
  • You can choose "fast" signals for scalping trade or "investor" signals
    All signals are listed in expert
  • You can plug in signals that you like the most, other signals can be turned off
  • Absolutely independent system for technical analysis of the market
  • Technical support for customers. You can contact our support with any questions and we will answer you immediately
  • Constant updates of the system. All our client receive TCD updates for free
  • System isn't limited to working only with your account. After you buy it you can use the system on any computer and with any accounts.
  • TCD Trading System is a licensed software product, protected by international copyright laws



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