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MetaTrader 5 - new trading platform

All you need to start using MetaTrader 5
You will find here all required information about new trading platform Metatrader5. At that moment MT5 is already in demo, public beta of new trading platform is available for download here .
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User guide is available for download here
Metaeditor 5 Manual download link - manual
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Platform overview
There are many differences between previous version - MT4, and new MT 5. In compare to previous platform, trading possibilities of the new terminal are much wider. First of all, new platform allows working on many markets. Directly from the terminal you will be able both to execute trading operation in Forex and work with options, futures and stocks. Metatrader 5 client terminal snapshot (click on image to enlarge)
metatrader 5

Secondly, in addition to already familiar Market Watch, the Depth of Market will be available in MetaTrader 5. This tool is useful for trading in stock markets. Thirdly, the order system is extended: the total number of order types is equal to 5 (in MetaTrader 4 there are 4 types of orders). New terminal supports 4 types of operation execution: Market, Instant, Request and Exchange. The new execution type Exchange is developed for processing trade operations with stock symbols.

Analytics in MT 5:

- 21 timeframes;
- 38 technical indicators;
- 39 graphical objects;
- 4 scaling modes;
- 17 styles of displaying Custom Indicators.

New MQL5 language

The integrated development environment MQL5 is responsible for the development and use of Expert Advisors, custom indicators and scripts. It includes MetaEditor 5, Strategy Tester and MetaQuotes Language 5 (MQL5)

New strategy tester

MT 5 Strategy Tester is a very powerful tool for any developer of Expert Advisors. It helps to obtain results of an EA behavior on the history before using it in real trading. Detailed reports on a trading system allow to estimate the Expert Advisor and detect its weak points, as well as to compare the EA with other developments. Besides, optimization of Expert Advisors allows to define the most efficient parameters of their variables and make the EA maximally profitable. The possibility to create calculation frameworks for a tester to quicker calculate trading strategies is provided. They are designed for conducting mass optimizing calculations, when you can start across hundreds of tasks on remote computers. Besides, several agents can be installed on each computer (according to the number of cores) to achieve the maximal use of resources. By default, the number of local agents of each terminal is equal to the number of logical processor cores, and can distribute tasks to other remote agents. It is very easy to install remote agents. All you need is to use MetaTester.exe (a single file, nothing else is required) and install agents as services according to the number of cores or one by one. A separate access password is set for each agent, to check that only authorized users connect to it.


Indicators can be located over a price chart or they can be displayed in a separate window. In calculations, indicators use securities' price quotes, as well as values of other indicators. So, you can create tools for complex trading systems and combine different indicators. For example, you can apply Moving Average to Awesome Oscillator and obtain its signal line

Data history

The history of quotes is stored only in M1 format (from 1993, before - D1 format) and all the charts are built based on it. When the terminal is first installed, the history is empty. The history is stored in \MetaTrader 5\Bases\Default\History\"currency"\ folder and has the .hcc (uncompressed) format. The history is transferred from the MQ's server in a space-efficient archive format of data storing so for example the 10 years 1-minute history of quotes for GBPUSD takes around 10-13 megabytes, uncompressed around 100-150 megabytes.

Free indicators for Metatrader 5

You will find our indicators in free indicators section. In future we will add more indicators and expert advisors to this download section.

There are different folders to copy indicators for Windows XP and Windows 7. If your operating system is Windows XP - copy indicators to standart folder - MetaTrader 5\MQL5\Indicators.



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