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Profitunity Expert Advisor

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Many traders, including the specialists of our company, are always searching the most optimal trading system. Our aim is not only to develop profitable trading algorithms but also to improve different popular systems such as B. Williams Profitunity. This trading system was created on the soy bean investigation basis and was not adapted for Forex Market. Therefore many traders were disappointed, because forex dynamics and futures market dynamics differ greatly. We have decided to correct the situation and to improve Profitunity convenience on high-liquidity markets. Using Fourier Transform and Singular value analysis we have created a digital analogue of Profitunity . You can check out the reports and evaluate the effectiveness of Digital Profitunity trading system. This system is much more improved Profitunity based on our developments.

System is easy to use : Expert shows all signals , so you dont need to interpret indicators by yourself ,you can tune sound notifications (alerts), put signals on the charts or run them in your radar screens . System signals the user about possible trade signals thereby allowing the trader to decide where and when to enter.

Profitunity Trading System Advantages:

Profitunity Trading System works successfully on any financial market( Forex, СFD, Stocks, Futures)
System is realized for MetaStock platform;
6 accurate formalized signals to enter the market;
Each indicator is tuned up for appointed currency pair or stock;
Each indicator is built in accordance with market spectrum;
Each indicator is tuned up for appointed market cycle;
All Indicators are adapted to different market situations ( trend presence detection is exact);
TrendFollowing system opens the position if only main cycles are synchronized;
Momentary reaction on flat or correction;
The ability to use scalping strategy;
The ability to define exactly current market volatility;
Improved "ZoneTrade" tactic;
Commentaries to current bar;
Accurate unique trading instructions and manual;
Comfortable installer/deinstaller package;
Technical customer support;
Constant Trading System Upgrade;
the ability to receive Trading System upgrades;




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