Adaptive System of Market Cycles

Without a doubt, digital filters had proved their effectiveness at all financial markets.Digital complex of new adaptive indicators was created during plural experimental researches of digital filters on various markets . ASMC Trading Complex is a modified system of market cycles following system( V.Kravchuk), but because of many innovations our system is more effective and provides maximum possible profit with minimal risk.

ASMC trading package build 7.0 consists of following digital indicators:

- FKF (new), SKF(new), FKLF(new), SKLF(new), FTLM, STLM, RBCI, PCCI, MMI, DPC + Expert productivity improved GREATLY!!!

ASMC Trading System possibilities:
Independent wave and cycle analysis;
to forecast daily price range;
to forecast movement objectives;
to recognize true/false channel gaps or support/resistance lines
and many others.


ASMC Trading System Advantages:
ASMC Trading System works successfully on any financial market( Forex, FD, Stocks, Futures);
System supports Metastock;
12 accurate formalized signals to enter the market which allows to find out all potentially profitable market movement;
; Each indicator is tuned up for 3 timeframes (H1, H4, D);
Accurate unique trading instructions;
Automatic pattern recognition, false signals are filtered with low frequency filters;
System for technical market analysis and trading system in one;
All signals are generated in the expert window;
Comfortable installer/deinstaller package;
Technical customer support;
Trading System Upgrade;
The ability to receive Trading System upgrades;
ASMC Trading System is a licensed software product, protected by international copyright law;

ASMC Trading System will help you to make correct decisions in any situations;

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ASMC Trading System,36 digital indicators, 12 efficiently formalized signals, original system of technical market analysis

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