Pallada Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Pallada works only with MT5 or MT4 is also supported?
System works with all MetaTrader platforms (MT4 and MT5)

  • Pallada 5 is automated?

Yes, this expert advisor is 100% automated. Pallada is not just a trading system or expert advisor - this is powerful trading package, that allows to trade both manually and automatically. You may switch between this two modes anytime You want.

  • Is it difficult to install and to use Pallada package?

No, there are any difficulties, even if You are newbie in trading. Pallada detailed user guide contains all required information on how to install and to use system. If You have questions or need assistance, just contact our support team and we will help

  • Is there any MT5 account limitations or hardware limitations for Pallada 5?

No, You may use system on all your MT5 accounts and computers

  • Package price includes future updates and customer support?

Yes, Pallada 5 future updates and customer support are free

  • What currency pairs and timeframes are the best for trading with Pallada 5?

The best timeframe is M30 (30 minutes). At that moment EURUSD,USDCAD and USDJPY currency pairs are available. In future there will be more currency pairs, including Stocks and CFD

  • Is it possible to launch system on VPS (virtual private server)?

Yes, this is possible for the VPS platforms where MT5 terminal is supported

  • System works both with 5 and 4 digits brokers?

Yes, system works with 5 and 4 digits. All settings are auto configurable

If You have more questions, feel free to contact us at and we will provide You with all required information

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