Forex Fundamentals
Most Influential Economic Numbers for the Forex market

Preliminary (advanced estimate) GDP (published every quarter, Canada publishes monthly GDP)
Good GDP is good for the currency in a long term.
GDP above expectations means quick raise for the national currency to the new level.
***NOTE: Germany is the major country in the Euro-zone, next come France and Italy

Interest Rates announcement for the national currency
(changed by Monetary Policy Committees of national Central Banks every month-6 weeks).

Second level Influential Economic Figures (every month)

Manufacturing PMI-ISM indicators (different names for the same indicator in different countries).
Service PMI-ISM are less important.

Industrial Production

National Specific
- USA: Non-Farm Payrolls, preliminary Michigan Consumer Confidence Sentiment ;
- Germany (and Euro-Zone): West Germany IFO index ;
- Japan: Machinery Orders, Tankan quarterly Survey.

Third level fundamentals important for the Forex market

monthly inflation CPI (HICP);
retail sales;
unemployment/jobless figures;
various sentiment/confidence/conditions/climate indicators;
manufacturing production.

***NOTE: National Indicators are more important than Regional (districts, provinces, major cities)

Less Influential Indicators - work only sometimes
current account;
Central Banks' minutes (published with delay);
money supply M2/M3;
building permits/housing starts.


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